Cost reduction and rightsizing for Microsoft 365, Azure and Teams

iAnalyse360 empowers enterprise customers to take control of their Microsoft 365 licensing and Azure services

  • Rightsize Microsoft licensing and cloud infrastructure
  • Significant cost savings, efficiency and ongoing ROI
  • Advanced AI-based analytics
  • Execute license changes with the press of a button
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iAnalyse360 provides the data and insights to rightsize Microsoft resources and to optimise their ongoing management.

Reduce costs by uncovering overspend

Uncover overspend on your Microsoft 365 and Azure spend. iAnalyse shows you where you can make savings.
  • Overprovisioning of licenses - too many features are given to a user
  • Too many licenses are purchased under contract
  • Costs can mount where leavers and joiners create unused accounts
  • Your licenses don’t match your actual needs
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Reduce security risks by reducing your attack surface

  • Uncover old versions, expired and unsupported licenses
  • Remove unassigned licenses 
Answer questions like: Are we using the license we are paying for?

Utilisation and usage trends can clearly identify
  • How you're using your licenses
  • Which licenses are no longer relevant
  • Which licenses are over-provisioned

Get to know how your organisation really works

2020-21 will be years we will never forget. One thing we can be sure of is the way we work and where we work will never be the same again.

Now, is the time to understand how your users work, what they use and what they do. iAnalyse360 gives you the data you need across your business from every location even when working from home and in the way your business wants to view it.

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Complimentary Microsoft Health Check – How it works


Step 1

The iAnalyse360 service is an Azure application hosted in Microsoft Azure. This connects to the company’s Microsoft tenant on a read only basis and is quick and easy to set up
(O365 Admin required).

Step 2

The iAnalyse360 service reads and compiles utilisation data for 14 days.

Step 3

iPortalis presents high-level optimisation results including top-level potential savings. Typically this would include potential cost savings in inactive, assigned and not used licenses and unassigned licenses.  

Typically we have enabled our clients to save between 10-25% on their license anniversary or renewal

Some of our Customers

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Gain deep insight on Microsoft Teams usage

  • Utilisation and usage trends
  • User experience analytics
  • Call and meeting quality analytics
  • Identify degraded experiences at network, location or individual user level
  • Analyse Teams performance by device, systems data and connectivity
  • Easily identify Group owners with filtered views (making sure that there are more than just one - best practice)
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Years' Experience

Deep knowledge and understanding of Microsoft with a service-first culture in the whole of our team.

Month ACV Payback

ROI is typically 1000-2000+% and payback is as quick 1-2 months

Global Partners

We work with some of the world's biggest and most respected brands.

Fast payback and strong ROI typically within one to two months

Companies can use this information to dramatically reduce the cost of Microsoft licensing plans.

Continual monitoring maintains the organisation’s ongoing license and infrastructure health.

We regularly see ACV payback as fast as 1-2 months, and ROI of greater than 1000%. 

That’s quite a saving and a big return on investment.


Best-in-class, award-winning software

We’re delighted our software is recognised as one of the best-in-class and has been awarded
“Most Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year”
at the UK Cloud Awards.