Cloud Evolution

Over the last few years, the Cloud Services market has evolved faster than the ability of organisations to control their growing product portfolios.

As a result, some Enterprises find that they have too many cloud vendors to manage, each with their own complex supply chains. Others struggle with the sheer enormity of the task of integrating cloud and existing on-premise technologies across multi-cloud (private & public) and hybrid environments.

The Cloud Services Brokerage and Aggregation (CSBA) concept addresses this problem. CSBAs are not service providers, infrastructure providers, professional services providers or consultants.

They are a new breed of cloud services specialist – and their roles are constantly evolving.  Some act as software providers and product brokers.  Others as cloud service aggregators and system integrators.

iPortalis is all of these things.  Plus, we have our own end-to-end software control platform to help customers make the switch to cloud faster, simpler and with far greater end-to-end control.

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