Is it time to take a closer look at MS Teams?

November 24, 2021

As Microsoft Teams hits 250 million users and counting, could Teams bring benefits to your business?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we all became home workers. Now, as we emerge back into the new normal, many companies are bringing in flexible, hybrid working practices, rather than making everyone go back to the office five days a week.

Successful working from home requires technology to enable simple and secure collaboration and communication. There are several solutions available, but Microsoft Teams has emerged as a leader. In this article, we’ll look at how MS Teams can bring significant advantages to your remote workers.

The numbers

But first, let’s see how well MS Teams is doing.

The number of Teams users has never been higher, with almost 250 million monthly active users (MAU). In this case, Microsoft defines usage as initiating an action on Teams, such as using the text chat, posting a file or making a call. Of this massive user base, an impressive 80 million monthly users make calls using the Teams Phone feature. The number of calls made per month exceeds one billion.

Why is MS Teams so popular? It’s because it makes remote work and collaboration so much easier - for workers and their leaders. Here are four benefits of MS Teams.

1 – Call quality

When you’re working from home and you need to ask a colleague a quick question, sometimes you just want to call them rather than type out an email or go on video. MS Teams lets you place a call that rings on your recipients desktop workstation and mobile device. You can then chat through your device’s microphone and speakers, with no need for headsets.

What’s more, the quality of calls on MS Teams is excellent. You don’t need to worry about delays, dropouts or missing words.

2 – Access

Another great thing about MS Teams is that anyone in your team can access their Teams app from wherever they may be. It’s 100% cloud-based, so whether you’re at your desk in the office, working from home or on your mobile device, you get exactly the same service.

MS Teams is part of the Microsoft Office 365 subscription package. As a result, it integrates seamlessly with the other MS solutions you know and love, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition, Microsoft’s developers regularly add new features to Teams to make remote work even simpler.

3 – Security

With remote teams spread out across the country (or the globe), the security of your data is paramount. Cybercriminals are always looking for opportunities to infiltrate your network, but with Teams, they find it much harder.

Like its other solutions, MS Teams complies with the world’s highest security standards, including ISO 27001 and HIPAA. MS Teams users must log on using multi-factor authentication, as they would with other Office 365 apps.

4 – Cost

MS Teams is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products, which you will typically pay for on a subscription basis. For example, if you pay for Word and Excel, you likely get Teams as part of the package. During your subscription, you will receive all the necessary updates and upgrades with no extra charges.

Software priced in this way makes it easier to scale your user numbers as you grow. It also makes your budget planning easier.

Optimising Teams 

With the exponential growth in use of video conferencing as the primary organisational medium and with Teams already widely adopted as the global standard, there is an increasing need to effectively manage Teams deployment.

Organisations need to be able to measure and monitor the use and adoption of centrally mandated standards such as Teams and need to facilitate adoption.  This means having a detailed granular and real time view of usage by location, organisation, group, and by platforms used so that there is an ability to drill down to where further investigation and engagement is required and to know where that effort should be directed. 

There is also a need to be able to monitor Teams calls for quality to identify problem locations or platforms so that quality issues can be investigated and addressed to deliver a consistently high quality of service across the organisation.   

Where iPortalis can help 

The iPortalis iAnalyse360 Teams module provides deep analytics on every aspect of Teams utilisation and performance.  It can be configured easily to match the tags, groups, departments and/or locations within any organisation to report on granular Teams usage in the way the organisation wants to view it.  It also pinpoints quality issues on calls so that root cause can be investigated and addressed.  

The Teams functionality is just a part of the core iAnalyse360 benefits - to analyse and right size your Microsoft 365 licenses.  A complimentary licensing health check provides detailed data on the use of every component of your licenses and identifies where licenses can be re-allocated or right-sized.

Typically this has saved enterprise customers multi-million pound annual licensing budget - savings that could offset or even exceed the effect of the forthcoming Microsoft 365 business price increases.

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