The Microsoft 365 Business Price Is Increasing - Here’s What You Can Do About It

November 11, 2021

The news is out that Microsoft Office 365 business customers will see price increases of up to 25% in March 2022. 

Microsoft says this is “the first substantive pricing update” since they launched Office 365 a decade ago, although this may not come as much comfort for those facing the price rise. 

In part, the justification for this price rise is that Microsoft has added more than “24 apps to the suites” and have “released over 1,400 new features and capabilities” (Microsoft), which are categorised into three key areas: Communication and collaboration, Security and compliance and AI and automation. 

While the development of the application suite is impressive over the 10 year period, there are calls to say that Microsoft already has significant control of the global office productivity software market and that a price rise isn’t necessary, especially as the world comes out of a pandemic. 

“As of May 2021, Microsoft's Office 365 controlled around 47.5 percent of the market share for major office suite technologies worldwide.” (Statista)

Thankfully, despite the price rise coming in early 2022, there are ways that organisations can save and actually reduce the cost of Office 365 and other Microsoft licenses. 


How To Reduce The Cost Of Microsoft Licensing

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to avoid the upcoming price rises - all business users will see the cost of using Office 365 increase at some point in the near future, whether that’s March 2022 or at the end of your current fixed-price contract.

However, what your company can do is assess the utilisation of
your Microsoft licenses to:

  • Identify unassigned licenses (spares and unused)
  • Uncover waste in over-provisioning (providing users with features they will never use)
  • Identify security risks and reduce your attack surface by highlighting old unsupported operating systems

44% of Microsoft 365 licenses are either under-utilised or oversized

iAnalyse360, from iPortalis, gives you the insights and recommendations required to identify and remove any unwanted license costs from your estate.

Your company can gain valuable insights into your full Microsoft estate, seeing what licenses are being used, where and by who. Furthermore, you can find out if your company is overspending and by how much, as well as relying on actionable insights for what to do next. 

Click the button below and get started with a free of charge Health Check service that will provide you with insights into your Microsoft product utilisation (and associated costs)

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