iPortalis and Cisco in Partnership

iPortalis Control Portal

As a Cisco Partner , iPortalis is committed to helping Cisco partners and customers optimise their ICT transformation strategies and cut the cost of transitioning to the cloud.

Our products and services are tailor-made for the Cisco environment:

iPortalis Billing Services: iPortalis enables organisations to internally bill Webex Teams Premium Plans on a monthly/quarterly basis, handling the complex aggregated billing of voice, video and meeting services – billing each global subsidiary in their language and currency of choice.

By plugging into, and analysing out, all fixed and variable spend across comms and collaboration services, iPortalis provides Cisco customers with a rapid, globalised view of spend – helping organisations consolidate their procurement and design choice on services, and make informed decisions on which cloud packages best match their business needs.

The iPortalis Control Portal (iCP): Using the iCP, Cisco resellers and customers can provision Webex Teams Premium Plans to their subsidiaries and users worldwide, as well as manage licenses, moves, changes & additions, and handle internal billing (see below) though a single management interface.

iPortalis Brokerage Services: Purchase new Webex Teams Premium Plans online through our simple-to-use Marketplace and turn your procurement managers into business process specialists with complete control and visibility of the ICT environment.

iPortalis Aggregation Services: Purchasing 10 different cloud services shouldn’t mean having to take on 10 different provisioning, management and invoicing systems. With iPortalis we integrate and aggregate everything together – a single management interface, with a single bill.

iPortalis ICT Portfolio Management Services: iPortalis not only looks after your current needs but your future needs. With our Portfolio Management Services we’ll help you create the optimal strategies for your business needs.

iPortalis Employee Lifecycle Management Services: Traditional HR and IT procurement processes were designed when technology meant buying boxes and integrating them together. Now, cloud delivers all this as a single service. For organisations experiencing high employee and contractor churn, we control Employee Lifecycle Management…… connecting with HR systems to automate license provisioning services as people come and go.


iPortalis delivers:

  • A single portal/ interface (the iPortalis Control Portal – or iCP): connected to your on-premise or Azure active directories (or both) for the centralised administration of all services – in 22 languages, reducing the need for multiple portal logins, interfaces etc.
  • Employee Lifecycle Management of subscription services: connecting with HR systems to automate license provisioning services as people come and go in organisations with high employee/contractor churn, assisting with:
    • Freeing up redundant licensing for re-provisioning and saving valuable Opex
    • Real-time software asset management for audits and compliance
  • Billing services: running real-time checks on all rates and services against supplier contracts to establish discrepancies, exceptions and credit requests. Our billing service manages fixed and variable charges and checks, re-rates and does currency conversions where required. We then re-invoice out on one bill to each of your operating countries and appropriate entities. This can be broken down by departments, cost centres and users. This takes a huge load from your finance department around administration, collections and cashflow. It also facilitates savings on potential withholding taxes for operating regions, and drives procurement economies of scale and scope.
  • Reporting and dash boarding of service consumption: across your organisation to highlight what services are being used and by whom, facilitating benchmarking and supply chain renewal decision-making
  • Rapid ICT service and strategy implementation and roll-out
iPortalis Development and Integration

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