Cloud Traders and ExtendASP merge to form iPortalis

Harrogate, UK. November 1, 2016. Cloud Traders and ExtendASP have completed their merger to create the world’s first cloud services company focused on cloud brokerage, aggregation and ICT* portfolio management, spanning both on-premise and pure-play cloud services within the same organisation.

Cloud Traders has over 20 years’ experience in ICT integration and service management, and is recognised as a pioneer in cloud aggregation for Enterprises.

The company helps blue chip organisations realise the significant benefits of moving to the cloud by managing user identities in the cloud, and controlling cloud and on-premise costs via software asset management.

ExtendASP’s cloud control portal is the world’s fastest-growing control portal for provisioning and managing subscription-based software. Used today by over 90 customers worldwide including hosters, Microsoft CSPs, Enterprises and telcos, the portal supports 22 languages, every currency, and can be fully white labelled for resellers.

“By combining resources and expertise, we are significantly increasing our footprint in terms of size, geography, staff and resources – as well as creating a much richer services proposition in order to better serve customers” said Eric Hanig, formerly CEO of ExtendASP and now Chief Technology Officer at iPortalis.

The new company will focus on the emerging cloud brokerage and aggregation market. Analyst company predicts that the cloud services brokerage and enablement market will grow from USD 7.44 Billion in 2016 to USD 26.71 Billion by 2021, at an estimated CAGR of 29.1%**.

As a Cloud Services Broker, iPortalis will help Enterprises source and purchase best-of-breed cloud and on-premise products. As a Cloud Aggregator, it will build ecosystems from clients’ diverse ICT portfolios, while overseeing technical integration, and delivering unified reporting & billing. As an ICT Portfolio Manager, its consultants and technical specialists will work hand-in hand with clients to train and support users, optimise performance, introduce service enhancements, and deliver economies of scale. At the heart of the company’s product portfolio will be the iPortalis Control Portal (iCP), a platform for automating the complex tasks associated with software provisioning and management.

In the coming months, iPortalis will focus on expanding and enriching its product and services portfolio. 2017 roadmap developments include:

The release of Version 7.0 of the iPortalis Control Portal with massive performance enhancements and a completely new user interface (similar to the Microsoft Azure portal experience)
Advanced ‘Bill On Behalf Of’ services to help Service Providers aggregate services onto one bill in local language and currencies, for regulatory compliance driven services such as Telecoms and Data

The company operates from corporate offices in Harrogate (UK) and Highland Park, Illinois (USA) and is actioning expansion plans with further offices in Chile and Singapore.

“We will be making a significant investment across the business in 2017/ 2018 to capitalise on significant growth opportunities in cloud brokerage and aggregation” said Neil May, formerly CEO of Cloud Traders and now Chief Executive Officer at iPortalis. “Through significant investment in our software development group, we are enhancing our product and enterprise service provider portfolio extensively, and creating broader, more internationally localized senior management teams. We are also enhancing our customer services and supporting broader time zones and more languages.”

* Information and Communications Technology

** Cloud Services Brokerage and Enablement Market – Global Forecast to 2021: July 2016