iPortalis in a Nutshell

The video describes how we provide:

  • A single portal/interface connected to your on-premise or Azure active directories (or both) for the administration of all services in one place, in 22 languages, reducing the need for multiple portal logins, interfaces etc.
  • Employee lifecycle management of subscription services: connecting with HR systems to automate license provisioning services as people come and go in organisations with high employee/contractor churn, assisting with:
    • Freeing up redundant licensing for re-provisioning and saving valuable Opex
    • Real-time software asset management for audits and compliance.
  • Powerful billing services that run real-time checks on all rates and services against your supplier contracts to establish discrepancies, exceptions and credit requests.  iPortalis manages fixed and variable charges and checks, re-rates and does currency conversions where required; and re-invoices out on one bill to each of your operating countries and the appropriate entities. Invoicing can be broken down by departments, cost centres and users, taking a huge load from your finance department around administration, collections and cashflow – and facilitating savings on potential withholding taxes for some of operating regions, helping your procurement economies of scale and scope.
  • Reporting and dashboarding of service consumption across your organisation to clearly work out what services are being used and by whom, facilitating benchmarking and supply chain renewal decision making.
  • Rapid ICT service and strategy implementation and roll-out.
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