Success Stories

ITonCloud is an Australian hosting company with state of the art cloud based IT system delivering a full suite of IT and communication system.

“We have looked at all of the commercially available control panels to automate our operations. After a long investigation, we selected iPortalis (previously known as ExtendASP) to manage our infrastructure of several hundreds of servers.

The following features impressed us the most initially:

– the ability to see the provisioned objects (entities) and make adjustments if needed
– ability to extend its features
– quick and easy updates

Our hosting business is unique and we knew from start, that the need will arise for us to extend the control panel with features that are not available in any commercially available products. This need came within 6 months after implementation. We were really surprised to see how easy it was to interact with, and extend the back end engine (ION engine) features.

Since then we have developed into the iPortalis many features unique to our business and we couldn’t be happier with how well it works. We have now used this system for over 4 years with virtually zero downtime (about 5-10 minutes during upgrades).

In the rare occasions when we had to contact support, the staff offered prompt and fast resolution.”

Steven Zsigoszki, ITonCloud

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