Back-End Software Functions

Ion Cloud Engine Health Check The Ion Cloud Engine and Ion Cloud Engine Management Studio have custom built-in monitoring and system performance capture functionality.

This includes:

Ion Cloud Engine Health Check

A full system health check can be initiated using the Ion Cloud Engine Management Studio. This health checks every server that has the Ion Cloud Engine installed. The checks include:

  • Check for missing files from the repository
  • Check for the status of the Ion Cloud Engine
  • Check for correct installed software version
  • Check for correct providers and Namespaces installed
  • Check to see if the latest config data is used
Ion Engine Health Check

Provider Task Execution Capture

Each individual Ion Cloud Engine can monitor and capture all provider task calls, the data passed, the response data returned, any errors that occurred and the execution time. This data is then uploaded to the central Ion Cloud Engine Management Studio database and can be used for a variety of ways to diagnose system performance.

Core Server Resource Data Capture

The ability to capture and record some core server resource data at 1 second intervals is inbuilt into the Ion Cloud Engine. The data captured includes:

  • Active Connection Count
  • Memory used by the Ion Cloud Engine Service
  • Total Free Server Memory
  • Total Server Used Memory
  • CPU % used by the Ion Cloud Engine
  • CPU % used by the total system

Server resource data can be displayed at runtime – showing live data from the server using the Ion Cloud Engine Instance Dashboard. The dashboard can display server status, details, and resource data.

Server Instance Dashboard Resource Usage
Perf Counters

Performance Counter Data Capture

Any performance counter can be executed and monitored on a remote server that is running the Ion Cloud Engine. This allows for complete customization of the system resources that can be monitored.

Out of the box the Ion Cloud Engine has 10+ default in-built core performance counters but allows any number of new performance counters to be added.

The performance counter data is captured on the remote server and pushed to the Ion Cloud Engine Management Studio database.

Deployment and Software Version Monitoring

The Management Studio allows users to instantly see what version their servers are running and allows them to do a one button deployment to all Ion Cloud Engine servers to update software and config roles.

Ion Cloud Engine Deployment And Versions
iPortalis Development and Integration

Development and Integration

Integrate iCP functionality into a bespoke or existing UI by consuming our exposed APIs:

  • .NET Framework OOP assembly API: containing all available functionality from the iCP system
  • Full Web REST API service: which consumes our .NET Framework OOP assembly API

Customizing the Ion Engine With Bespoke Functionality

Custom provider plugins and xml workflow namespaces can be written and implemented within the software. This allows for customers to implement any custom work/API calls that their environment demands by tweaking and fine tuning our back end system according to their requirements. There is nothing that cannot be customised, overridden or implemented.

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