Cost reduction and rightsizing for Microsoft 365, Azure and Teams

Microsoft License Management Platform

For Microsoft 365

  • Clearly see potential cost reduction and drill down to detail to identify savings
  • Uncover unused licenses to avoid additional purchases
  • Align license types to actual usage and needs to reduce costs
  • Financial operations and purchase tracking – control costs and avoid wastage
  • Discover outdated OS or versions of software to reduce the attack surface
  • See exactly who is using what and when to drive adoption and training
  • Identify actual versus licensed usage to avoid compliance issues/penalties
  • Identify common holes in internal processes eg Licenses assigned to disabled accounts
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For Microsoft Teams

  • Track workload utilisation across teams, departments and geographies
  • Teams quality of service and performance analytics to pinpoint problem areas
  • Advanced AI analytics to target training & adoptions programs accurately
  • AI recommendations for optimisation and right size license assignments easily
  • Enable cost re-distribution for all types of services by country, dept, team etc

For Microsoft Azure

  • Cost avoidance by identifying over-provision and rightsizing resources
  • Cost-saving by identifying idle or orphaned resources for decommissioning
  • Monitor all your different category Azure usage and costs over time
  • Continual data analytics in a single view across all Azure Meter categories
  • Advanced AI tagging to retrospectively tag systems and services to align to company cost codes
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Some of our Customers

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Analyse, review and get control of licensing costs

  • Identify Licenses 
- Purchased vs in use
- Licenses available
- Underutilised and over-provisioned
- Consumed/active in the last 30 days
  • Includes separate line items like Visio and Project
  • Analyse costs by country, lines of business and departments and other tags from Active Directory
  • Full operational year-by-year summary of costs
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How it works - iAnalyse360

We track the underlying workloads of Office 365 and M365 plans. We look at the features users are assigned and also the features actually used.

Typically we find a lot of over-provisioning or underutilisation.

We use the results of our AI-based analysis to calculate the true licensing requirements and license plan for the whole enterprise - for Microsoft 365 and Azure.