The Ion Cloud Engine and

Ion Cloud Engine Management Studio

The iPortalis Software Engine

Using our core provisioning and management software, Enterprises and Hosters can:

  • Deploy new subscription-based services in minutes rather than days (and without having to log into individual servers, and shut down servers and networks during the provisioning process)
  • Health check their entire provisioning and management system with just a click of a button
  • Remotely monitor system performance for any system, anywhere in the world, from a single screen – including all Performance Counters
  • Debug their entire provisioning workflow with zero overhead – generating an exceptionally detailed XML trace which can be used to diagnose and fix 99% of common issues

At the heart of this software is two core elements:

The Ion Cloud Engine
The Ion Cloud Engine Management Studio

iPortalis Control Portal
Server Instance Dashboard

The Ion Cloud Engine

The iPortalis Ion Cloud Engine (ICE) is the powerful backend workflow and provisioning engine that sits behind our user front end (the iPortalis Control Portal) and executes all requests sent via client applications. The ICE is used for:

  1. Processing xml requests sent via client applications (like the iCP web site)
  2. Dynamically loading xml workflow namespace and provider plugin assemblies
  3. Processing and executing workflows and business rules associated with environment provisioning, or any request
  4. Executing server/cloud service APIs
  5. Routing requests to the correct environment in any datacentre in the world
  6. Remote monitoring of server diagnostics and performance
    Generating extensive debug xml response traces for any request sent to the Ion Cloud Engine, which can be used to diagnose the vast majority of issues within seconds/minutes.

The Ion Cloud Engine Management Studio

The Ion Cloud Engine Management Studio (ICEMS) is a Windows application used to manage, maintain and diagnose servers that have the Ion Cloud Engine installed, in any environment, in any data centre in the world. The ICEMS is used:

  • As a centralised repository of all the workflow namespaces and provider API plugins that are used by the Ion Cloud Engine
  • To setup and configure all of your environments and Ion Cloud Engine installs in all your environments
  • To enable one button click deployment of new components to all Ion Cloud Engine servers in all environments. This could be new installs or patches
  • To enable one button click Health Checks to validate the health and configuration of Ion Cloud Engine servers in all your environments
  • For real time monitoring of vital server performance counters on any Ion Cloud Engine install
  • As a centralised location for ICE License files
  • For managing custom bespoke hoster workflow namespaces and provider API functionality
  • For managing and configuring scheduled tasks (i.e. Requests that are sent to the ICE periodically…such as a database maintenance task processed every 24hrs at midnight)

Explore our software back-end functionality in more detail

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